Wooden Sign Party Registration
Wooden Sign Party Registration
Wooden Sign Party Registration
Specially Made by Sarah

Wooden Sign Party Registration

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Please choose between "Household Designs", "Children's Designs", "Pet Designs" and "Holiday Designs". Follow link below to see all stencil design options!
**If you choose to do two 7" x 7" signs, be sure to specify which category you want for EACH stencil.
Please specify which letter/number design you want for the category you chose and a quick design description.
If you'd like something not shown in my design collection, (and it isn't copy written!) I can likely recreate it for you. I may use slightly different fonts, but I'm sure we can come up with something you love! I will send you a mock up prior to the scheduled event. Feel free to send me a FB private message OR an email prior to registering to this event to verify it's something I can do. Please attach an inspiration photo below!

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Hello! I'm so excited for these Wooden Sign Parties!! Here you can submit payment and reserve your spot for my upcoming Wooden Sign Parties!! Select which date you plan to attend, board size you need, and stencil design you want for your sign!

If you haven't already, please see my website for an overview of what to expect, pricing, and 75+ design stencils to choose from!

Please be sure to double check what you are registering for so that the date/time works with your schedule as well as the sign size and stencil design is exactly what you want! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Facebook (most efficient way to contact me!) or E-mail me at speciallymadebysarah@gmail.com.

**Want something not shown? If you'd like something that isn't in my collection of designs, I do have a "Custom Design" add-on option that you can purchase. As long as it's something I can do, (verify via FB messenger or e-mail) you can purchase this option and I will create the stencil for you to do at the party. I will send a mock up to you prior to the event and will get your approval on it before making it. 

I prep everything ahead of time per your order requests so refunds cannot be given if you find out you are unable to attend the event. Thank you for understanding.

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