Wooden Sign Party

Welcome to Specially Made by Sarah's Wooden Sign Parties! It's your place to create a one-of-a-kind wooden sign! Whether it's a farmhouse style, classic, or inspirational piece of decor for your home, you'll be sure to find a design you love! 

How amazing does an afternoon or evening out with friends/family/co-workers, or a chance to meet new friends, sound?! It's your chance to be creative, eat yummy food and learn a new skill!

I’ll provide all the supplies (wood, stencil of your choice from the options below, 20 paint/stain colors, sponges, aprons, etc) and instruct the group through creating their very own wooden signs!  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you will have a blast creating your own work of art!

Sign Party Overview:

  • A class typically lasts 2.5 hours.
  • I will have everything ready to go for you! This will include the stencil you pre-ordered, a piece of wood specific to the size you requested, and wooden frame pieces as well your tools needed to create your sign.
  • Paint the background of the board! I will teach you techniques to either paint or get a stain-style look where the wood grain shows through.
  • BREAK TIME! We will have yummy snacks and a great time to mingle with friends and meet new people. 
  • Next, we will paint our frames. If you want a stained look, I will teach you that technique. If you'd rather it be fully painted (so you can't see the wood grain) I will show you how to paint the pieces instead!
  • Now it's time to apply our stencil and sponge paint our design! This is the exciting part! Our piece of art comes to life. 
  • Finally, we'll assemble your wooden sign. I will assist you in using a brad-nailer to frame your wooden sign.

Pricing is as follows: 

7" x 7" Wooden Sign with Frame: (Pick two for) $40
12" x 12" Wooden Sign with Frame: $40
12" x 24" Wooden Sign with Frame: $50

Please note: All designs shown in the links below are created on a white background, but please feel free to do your own thing! Paint an all black background with a design that pops! Paint a gray or brown "stained" background! The options are endless and it's your chance to create something that's just as unique as you are! 

Household Designs

Children's Designs

Pet Designs

Holiday Designs