Teacher/Para/Staff Paint Parties

I have an amazing offer for teachers/staff! I am really excited about teaching private paint parties for you and your coworkers where you'll be able to hang out, eat food, and paint a beautiful piece of art with my detailed instruction while sipping on some mocktails. 😉

  • Huge discount! Normally private paint parties are $40/person. However, for teachers/staff, I am offering a HUGE discount at $25/person!! (MUST have 15+ people attend.)
  • Invite your kids/spouse to join you.
  • You decide as a group on the painting we do.
  • No need to travel. I come to your school.
  • Enjoy yummy food and drinks (Most decide to do a pot luck event)

Special offer for YOU:

*If YOU set this up with your coworkers, YOU will receive ALL OF THE "SMBS POINTS" when you register/pay. That means YOU will gain TONS of points to be able to use on discounts for future purchases. AMAZING! (You will be in charge of gathering payment from everyone, but you'll earn the SMBS reward points!)

I love and appreciate all you do for our children, and wanted to offer something special just for you!!