Please allow 2 weeks for all custom orders to be completed.
Please allow 2 weeks for all custom orders to be completed.
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About Me & Other FAQ



  • Who are you?
    • I’m Sarah. I’m the mom of four little ones. I’ve been painting and designing my entire life. In 2016, I discovered a passion for personalizing everyday items. When I would shop at the big box stores, I got tired of seeing the same generic products everywhere. I started a Facebook group and began personalizing items for people in my area. Things took off, and suddenly I had more orders than I could handle without a more formal ordering process. So I created this website and that’s where I am today.

  • What materials do you use?
    • I use a professional grade vinyl when personalizing items. This ensures that whether I’m designing something on a water bottle, a shirt, or stuffed animal, your item will last because the quality of materials I use is top notch.  Ever had a screen printed shirt where the design starts to scratch off after washing it?  That won’t happen with vinyl.


  • What kind of designs can you make?
    • I can use or create pretty much any design, as long as it doesn’t have a trademark or copyright.  For example, I can’t make a shirt with the words “Super Bowl” or “NFL”, because those are trademarked.  But I could make a shirt that says “Football”, “Big Game” or some other generic text.  Disney characters are another common request that I can’t do.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at before ordering.


  • How can I submit my own design?
    • If you have a picture of the design you want, you can upload it on the product order page before purchase. You don’t have to upload the complete design.  For example, if you want a picture of a dinosaur and the words Brother-Saurus, you can just upload an image of the dinosaur under Image Upload and mention the text in the Describe Your Design section.  If you want to search Google for designs, put the letters “svg” after your item.  For example, “dinosaur svg”.  The results will then be filtered to designs I can easily and legally use.


  • How long does an order take?
    • Because your products are customized, I can only begin working on them after the order is placed. It will typically take up to 10 days business days for me to complete the order, depending on how complicated the personalization is. For upcoming holidays, I’ll post a message on my home page that gives the order deadline date for products to be received in time for the holiday.


  • Can I avoid shipping charges if I pick up in person?
    • Yes! When you checkout, select the “Local Pickup” option on the checkout screen.  There will be no shipping charges and I will contact you when your order is ready to arrange a pickup time.


  • Can I order a personalized gift that isn’t on your website?
    • Yes! Send me an email at and tell me what you want personalized. If I can do it, I’ll give you a price and send a separate invoice.


  • What is your refund policy?
    • Because my items are personalized, I will often reach out to your email address with questions before I begin your order, to make sure it turns out perfectly. Refunds are not available because you changed your mind or ordered the incorrect item, but if I make a mistake or miss a holiday deadline, I’ll either send a corrected item or refund your order in full.  Please be extra careful when entering information. Please double check to make sure you spelled names/dates/info correctly. If an item is incorrect and it was because I was given incorrect information, I will not be able to refund. A new item may be purchased assuming I have that item still in stock. Again, please double check spelling and your entire order! Thank you!